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The Play Party Presents: Fae With Me


Come and join us in the Faerie Realm, where magic drips from the air and ecstasy follows suit. 
But... Be sure the Fae cannot tell you apart from their brethren! 
Dress to the nines my dears, clad yourself in moss, faerie dust, wings, fur, scales and any other thing that makes the Fae so gorgeously unique! You don’t want to miss out on the pleasures that Fae have in store. 

Join in the Dark or Light, no choice is right. 
It all depends on your desires, so come Play Partiers... and light your fires!

This is an adult club. 21+. 
Membership fees apply but PM us if you are headed down from Seattle and we can possibly have them waved for your first event with us

(Event is set to Private. Because of its nature, we want you to be able to say attending, even if you don’t want everyone to know! So please message The Play Party Podcast, Haven or Josh and we can get you an invite!)

Earlier Event: April 11
Jaded at Club Contour
Later Event: April 18
Jaded at Club Contour